The Old Memories With Music

-What is your oldest memory with music?

Let see... Mine might be Japanese pops that came out of TV, I think. I liked the theme songs of the amimes or the movies when I was kid. I'd been bought some CDs.

Or when I was in elementary school, I dabbled playing guitar with a broom and sang a song with friends on show and tell at class, I think. yeah, it was a good old memory.

I HATEd the so-called music class in school. As matter of fact, I'm kind of a terrible singer. I was like "Treble clef? Bass clef?? What the...", you know? Those weren't making any sense. Even now it's still all Greek to me, though.

-What about your family music situation?

My parents love music, I think. They don't play any musical instruments or anything like that, though.

My Dad really loves Jazz, like Miles Davis and Rock, like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton. He's got a massive collection of the records and the CDs. And also is fiend of audio systems. Good music always came out of his room. To me when I say my Dad, I mean Miles Davis or and I say Miles Davis, I mean my Dad. He loves him that much.
When I was little, they often say, I used to creep in his room and play climbing on his record player. He must have felt easiness, I guess. Haha.
My Mom also likes music like Hard Rock, Japanese pops and Japanese old rock.
Music always had been played in the car when we went out somewhere.

-Well, did you feel like that sounds good or comfortable when you listened to Jazz or Rock that came out of his room?

Nah, felt nothing special. I would've rather Japanese pop that my Mom listened to. Because it's easy to feel comfortable for kids then Jazz or Rock, right? I might've thought it was noisy when I was watching TV. Hahaha.

But I remember clearly that I was taken to a small Jazz festival with my dad when I was 5 or 6 years old. I had no idea about Jazz at all but I felt that was a place with good vibes out there. Oh, yeah! That could be my oldest memory with music, I think.
So music has been kind of close to me since I was little.

-What is first CD that you bought yourself?

Let see...I can't recall it. I've been buying a fucking lot of CD until present, you know? Can't remember such a first CD I bought. Taking a look back old memories like this and then being unable to recall what my first buying CD is sort of sad, isn't is?

-Well, what is opening you up into music?

The result of going with the flow of the around movement.
Some guys who are interested in Rock and Band are coming up around getting into a junior high school, right? And raising a clamor, like, Let's make a band and play at school festival!, around me, you know?
And then, some guys are like, "I'll get a guitar for Christmas' gift." something like that.
To follow an example, of course, I also asked my Dad and Mom, "I wanna get a guitar for Christmas's gift too! Please!!"

-Did you make the deal without much resistance?

Might be not but I was holding out over and over again. Then I got it.

-Why is it the guitar for you?

No reason. Just because...Nah, not NO reason.
As matter of fact, the thing what I want the most at that time was DJ set, Turntables.
At that time people was talking about rock band. It was kind of in the middle of a fad. Hip Hop, Dance music or Club music were absolutely underground ones, I think, in no small part by my local.

But you know what, it cost more than $1,000, right? So I couldn't ask my parents that I want it. I was afraid of getting shot down and breaking my dream completely down. That's why. Or I might've had a talk to my dad but no dice. Haha.

-Why did you get interested in DJ despite DJ culture was still underground?

Well...I don't know.

I've been and stayed with a family in the U.S. for a month when I was 13. Using summer holiday. And then touched those kinds of music out there with or without consciousness. I think I was influenced a great deal by that experience even not only about music.

After coming back to Japan I was big on America and interested in Western music.
And I've bought some CDs, like, Sexy bikini chicks is drawn on CD cover and something like that. I was flying blind, though.
Just maybe, at that time, I was just interested in the picture of bikini chicks more than that music. Haha.

And I got a magazine that featured of DJ and Club music then I had always regarded with having a delusion. It was like, "I'll get the tools like these, play like that and be like that", you know?

-I see. But in the result, end up to the guitar?

Yeah. But might be giving up and settlement partly. Like, I wanna do something about music! I don't wanna leave away from movement! No one starts running into music, is there? It's so rude to music.

-Haha. Yes, you were. What is your first guitar then?

The Fender Stratocaster. The Fender Mexico, though.
Because USA one and Japan one are so expensive for Christmas's gift. Even no one knew if I kept playing it without giving up.

This is also with a story behind it. I had no idea about guitar and didn't have any guitar hero yet at that time. I had been searching by catalogs and feeling some guitar looked cool, but There's no exactly one for me which is because of that guitarist I like uses it, you know?

And then, I went to the guitar shop with my dad. I picked up some I like but negotiation was failure.
Finally, I was given Fender one, seemed like I got roped into his own favorite, maybe because Eric Clapton uses it. I was so glad and liked it, though.

Well, up to here. It's like I'm always going with the flow of the around movement and no identity, ain't I? That's odd!

to be continued....

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