This is a first track that I've ever released to the world through the web site.

I wanted to make a kind of an introduction track that sounds like a beginning something for starting "Kozmic Tribes" from now. It would be put the first track of a CD or a live show. That's why I didn't spread out the form of this track much. Just looped same phrases uneventfully and kept the atmospheres going on like a ritual.

This track was made on mainly the NanoStudio.

I was listening and playing each preset sounds on the Eden. And then those ambient atmosphere sounds were came along.

I wanted to use lots of the samples for drums. So I re-edited the drum part on the BeatMaker 2 because it's able to load the samples up to 128. And then exported them back to Nano as some drum phrases.

The Eden is pretty good synth but the TRG is not much useful for me if I use lots of the samples for a part.
I like much the drum machine of the BeatMaker 2. I creatively used each advantages of them.

"RITUAL" is now available on the following sites :


Please enjoy it.
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  1. I love your music dude! I cant wait to hear more, - psykic animals


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